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Salaam, I’m Shahbaz.

I help Muslim millennials live with perseverance, learn essential life skills and make better decisions every day. Drawing inspiration from Islamic science, psychology and spirituality, I offer thoughtful wisdom and gentle guidance for Muslims seeking support in navigating life's obstacles. Through courses and tools, I help you enhance your daily worship, find purpose in work, build meaningful relationships, practice mindfulness and achieve calm and self-understanding. Together, let's bring alignment between who you are and what you do, leading to greater peace and presence.

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Courses & Tools

Destiny & Decisions - A 5-week course for Muslims who want to make hard decisions easier with faith, wisdom and psychology.

Towards Faith - An award-winning personal growth company delivering mobile apps, planners, immersive online masterclasses and in-person workshops.

99 Names of Allah - An immersive app for learning Allah's 99 Names with progress tracking, audiovisual experience and personalised mood recommendations.

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People say faith is all about consistency. But actually, it’s about perseverance. Perseverance in personal growth, daily worship, making better decisions, deeper relationships, seeking balance and more. Perseverance leads you to a state of progress, purpose and peace.

What are you persevering towards?

What Muslims Like You Are Saying…


I absolutely love all of the tools that Towards Faith launches and was a big advocate of their Ramadan planner too! I've been waiting for this!

Na'ima B Roberts


Tools like this really help people with their deen as it makes it tangible and something they can practically take action on.

Zeeshan, Smile 2 Jannah.


Daily spirituality and habits are so important and this journal helps individuals to remind themselves of the spiritual nature of their day.Β 

Shabbir Hassan


Jazakamu Allahu khairan for the excellent course and company; all the tawfeeq always.Β 

Motie Omari


I feel fulfilled and really satisfied. Thank you Shahbaz and his team for this. May Allah continue to inspire you and your team to be of global benefit to mankind. Jazakh Allah Khairan.Β 



A high level of professionalism, explaining interesting & academic concepts in an engaging, easy to understand & an enjoyable practical manner. I highly recommend & I do feel that if I did not have the right knowledge behind decision making, I could have walked into a lot more pain & spent years of my life undoing mistakes.



First of all , may Allah accept your deeds and reward you Shaikh Shabaz - you and your team , towards extending the knowledge that Allah bestowed upon you… I was always confused whether to listen to my head or heart but did not have an Islamic understanding towards it, now I have acquired sound knowledge and a systematic approach in my decision- making process.

Mohsin Mansuri

Learn a new perseverance habit every week

Discover new principles and skills to persevere in your faith and spiritual practice.