I’m Shahbaz Mirza

Consultant, Educator & Founder of Towards Faith


In a world filled with obstacles and complexities, I am here as your mentor and guide towards faith.

I bring you a wealth of knowledge steeped in Islamic wisdom and psychology, with a vision to empower every Muslim to lead a life of greater progress, peace and purpose, through the art of perseverance.

Why Live with Perseverance?

من جدّ وجد -

“Whoever perseveres will succeed”

People say faith is all about consistency. But actually, it’s about perseverance. Perseverance in personal growth, daily worship, making better decisions, deeper relationships, seeking balance and more. Perseverance leads you to a state of progress, purpose and peace.

My Story

Faith didn't come easily to me; it was a path of perseverance. I struggled when faced with life's daily obstacles: finding purpose in work, managing and nurturing relationships, discovering my identity, and seeking peace and mindfulness in everyday life. Throughout these trials, perseverance became my guiding light.

After dedicating over a decade to pushing my limits as an award-winning management consultant for high-growth companies, I slowed down, looked around and realised something was wrong. I was growing in all aspects of my life but one thing was being left behind: my faith.

But I knew that with the same dedication and perseverance I applied to my career, I could find a way to bridge the gap.

Where can a Muslim turn for support when grappling with questions about purpose at work, repairing damaged relationships, defining their identity, seeking meaning and authenticity, combating overwhelming anxiety, making significant life decisions, building confidence to overcome new challenges or simply feeling spiritually disconnected?

The answer lay in contemporary self-improvement within the Muslim community, which was notably lacking. I simply couldn't find life advice and guidance that was both relevant and practical for my everyday life.

This realisation prompted me to begin studying Islam across a range of recognised institutions. My goal was to understand and translate Islamic knowledge and life advice into practical courses and tools to aid Muslims in their personal growth. It was an endeavour that required perseverance and unwavering commitment. All the while, I continued to develop my career as an international management consultant.

I firmly believe that our faith is not solely about rituals; it provides an advice-driven framework to navigate our most significant internal challenges.

Today, through Towards Faith, I have researched and designed exquisite Islamic learning products that have positively impacted the lives of over 100,000 individuals, alhamdulillah. These products are now embraced by respected institutions like Yaqeen Institute, Mercy Mission, Zaytuna College and more. Previously, I launched Ramadan Legacy, an app that has served the needs of over half a million people.

My story is a testament to the power of perseverance and I am here to guide you on your own path towards progress, peace and purpose - and most importantly faith.

How I Can Help You

My passion lies in blending Islamic wisdom and psychology with modern management practices to address the unique challenges faced by Muslim millennials. Through courses, articles, planners, apps and more, I provide the resources you need to learn, reflect and grow.

Destiny & Decisions

A 5-week course for Muslims who want to make hard decisions easier with faith, wisdom and psychology. Courageously navigate tough decisions, resolve internal conflict and connect with your God-given purpose.

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Towards Faith

An award-winning personal growth company that has impacted hundreds of thousands of Muslims across the world with their mobile apps, planners and immersive online masterclasses and in-person workshops.


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Your faith matters everywhere—in worship, at work, in relationships and in personal growth.

It's the guiding light that illuminates your journey through life's twists and turns. My commitment is to ensure that your faith is a source of strength and wisdom, helping you navigate every aspect of your life with profound progress, enduring peace and unwavering purpose.

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